Your SFW Reseller Area Explained

As a reseller, we recommend that you use your given squeeze page to first build your list then send your new leads your gifted silver pass link. This way, you are always building your own list which will be one of your greatest assets in online business. 

You can, however, simply use the totally hands free system by sending traffic directly to your reseller links if you like as well. This requires no hosting or set up of web pages or anything other than sending traffic to your links. And just a reminder that we do handle all customer support, member management, website hosting & email management of this site so you do not have to deal with any of that.

Section 1: Set Up Your Account

This is the first thing that you need to do for you to get paid for your sales. Also, ensure that your PayPal email address is up to date as you will be paid directly to this account. 

Section 2: Your Reseller Links 

These links are the links you use to send to people for them to sign up for an account. The FREE membership is for general access where they can read the sales copy and will redirect them to the Free Membership Registration page while the SILVER membership directly sends them to the Free Silver Membership registration form. Please do note that they will not see the sales letter. The Silver membership link is great to give as a bonus or a free gift after you capture their email address or after they purchase another product that you are selling. 

Section 3: Your Reseller Tools

Make sure you have read the Reseller license before anything else.

All the tools you need to setup your reseller page are in this section. To add your own autoresponder code into the squeeze page, please see related article below. 

Other materials include banners, email packs, social marketing packs for you to use with your promotions.

Section 4: Your Reseller Statistics

You will see all your sales statistics here. Your sales, commissions and even your hits. 

Section 5: Your Member Admin

In this area, you can search for your members data and make changes on their account status if you have refunded them. 

Section 6: Marketing Training Resources

Free resources available for you to use if you need help with list building, traffic generation, mindset and online marketing.

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