Surefire Wealth Reseller or Gold Plus Member

As a SFW GOLD PLUS member, you get access to all our membership sites in one deal as shown on the upgrade sales page

As a SFW RESELLER, you have purchased a license to sell Surefire Wealth and keep 100% of the sales!

We recommend using your given squeeze page to first build your list then send your gifted silver pass link to your new leads. This way you are always building your own list which will be one of your greatest assets in online business.

We provide a collection of useful reseller tools to help you promote the SureFireWeath membership. These include: Squeeze page, Banners, Copy-paste emails, Tweets and Articles - Everything has been professionally designed to help you with your promotions.

You can of course simply use the totally hands free system by sending traffic directly to your reseller links if you like as well. This requires no hosting or set up of web pages or anything other than sending traffic to your links. And just a reminder that we do handle all customer support, member management, website hosting & email management of this site so you do not have to deal with any of that.

To be paid 100% on all your $67 Gold membership upgrade sales and $114-$297 Gold Plus upgrade sales ensure your PayPal email address is added in you account and kept up to date. [Your Gold member sales will be paid directly to this account].

Yes we do market to the members you introduce! We have a growing product line and the new members you refer to us will hopefully want to get some of those products too - So, you see, we're prepared to forego the initial profits to you and hopefully make sales later.

You get paid instantly for sending new members and we make sales later. We think that is fair, don't you?

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